Choosing a Custom Hood from the myriad of options available out there, selecting the proper hood is paramount to your overall design concept. Custom hoods, at the core of your overall exterior, are unrivaled and can often add an incredible edge to your overall design concept. As with all vehicle accessories, custom hoods require that you consider both function and aesthetics before settling on which headliner to use and which truck mount accessories to incorporate. Your vehicle’s overall appearance is also a big factor to consider when looking for custom hoods. While a basic black hood looks great when paired with a Dodge Challenger, it does nothing to accentuate the car’s overall character or appeal. The same is true of many custom auto headliners that are designed for trucks.

The idea behind custom hoods is to match the color of the interior of your car (with the exception of factory installed fiberglass front headliners) to the color of the custom hood that is being installed. This allows for complete contrast of looks as well as allowing you to effectively add more design elements to your vehicle. In terms of functionality, most fiberglass custom hoods employ the use of precision molded polycarbonate sections. The section is crafted in such a way as to allow it to be filled with a custom foam filled sachet. Once the fiberglass section is formed, it is covered over with a clear acrylic top coat to create a tight seal and provide the necessary insulation for added efficiency.

Another feature that is common to custom range hoods is the use of precision cutting. Although cutting is common with factory bumpers and front skirts, the detailing of custom hoods often calls for a custom cut style that is distinct from what is found on a factory production model. Typically, custom hoods will have an “S” shaped cutout in the center or along the edge of the front bumper to act as a center line. These cuts can be as simple as two or three lines, or they can incorporate more intricate details such as spray painting an entire factory bumper. Regardless of how complex or simple your design may be, the cutout will be clearly visible from all distances.

Another feature that is common to both carbon fiber hoods and custom hoods is the presence of precision cutting. As you might expect, the use of accurate cutting methods is critical to the performance of both a hood and its intended application. Carbon fiber scoops and custom hoods utilize a similar cutout concept that uses a low pressure method to create a precise cut. In this method, the inside of the carbon fiber scoop or hood is created in a similar manner to a cookie cutter. Low pressure is used to heat up a solid material (usually PVC) until it becomes soft and malleable, then the material is manually pressed into a shape and the cutout is created.

The advantage to using a low pressure process when creating a carbon fiber hood or a custom hood is that it leaves behind less debris that can degrade the quality of the finished product. However, if that product is an LED, laminated aluminum hood, there is still a need for precise cutting. High pressure can cause too much melt and/or shrinking of the fiberglass material that results in a lower quality finish. Because of this, most custom hoods that utilize a low pressure process are not suited for use with sensitive applications and must be designed specifically for use with precision equipment. The use of an accurate tool such as a Ram Air Hood Detector can eliminate the need for precision cuts on carbon fiber hoods and other precision parts. This accessory can also detect presence of carbon dust and offer a clear and clean line of sight to the sensitive parts while leaving the rest of the air duct open for airflow.

By providing clear viewing through a clear line of sight, such accessories provide a safer driving experience for the entire family. Custom hood products scoops can be attached to the vehicle for use in the kitchen and bathroom, or they can be used as a part of decorative accents on cars around the nation. Car accessory shops offer a vast selection of such car accessories. Whatever the application, there is a custom hood product that will best meet the needs of the buyer.